Report from Europe Center Channel Countries weekend

EC Channel Countries Weekend flyer

EC Channel Countries Weekend flyer

Here’s a report from the Europe Center blog about the recent channel countries weekend (23-24 October 2010):

This weekend the Europe Center was conquered by the channel countries on all levels. We tried Belgian waffles, had English breakfast, tasted Irish drinks, learned about different Scottish dialects, enjoyed some Dutch cheese with French wine and dances… and Peter Malinowski from Liverpool gave an inspiring talk about the meaning of the sangha and several other buddhist topics. We were even taken on a virtual bus tour covering all the channel countries and afterwards danced the night away surrounded by “national heroes” of all kinds…

It was a very nice example of what the country weekends at our EC can be: getting to know more about each other and our different cultural backgrounds, deepening our friendship, meditating, working, and learning together, and definitely having a whole lot of fun. Thanks to everyone who put so much effort into making this weekend such a success – including the Czech sangha, who once again just came to help.

Enjoy the pictures below (click to enlarge thumbnails):

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