moreEC campaign & website launch

This message just in from the Europe Center:

Dear friends and supporters,

Even before we had it, the Europe Center idea symbolized the rising international spirit of Diamond Way Buddhism. In 2007, this decade-old wish materialized with Gut Hochreute in the foothills of the German Alps. Building on what was already present, we began with the first International Summer Course and then made the most out of the 4 following years. Thanks to that, thousands have already caught the “international EC virus” and our over 600 centers worldwide are today interconnected like never before.

Now it’s time to finish what we started. From the experience gained arose a natural next step, extending the EC with a large new gompa, living space for guests & residents, and various maintenance and working areas. Once finished, the potential of the EC will fully blossom, making all its functions accessible to ever more people: hosting big courses with our Lamas throughout the year, nurturing a lively international exchange, showing a proud, mature face of Diamond Way Buddhism to the world and much more.

In order to realize this vision, we will again bring together the entire Diamond Way sangha in a worldwide effort to collect the necessary funds, showing the power of many as we did in 2007. At the upcoming EC Summer Course, we will officially launch the moreEC fundraising campaign, and we want to invite you to take a part in the event whether in person or via streaming.

– Aug 7 at 9pm – the moreEC project presentation with Lama Ole and Caty
– the moreEC fundraising campaign launch after the midnight at the auspicious time of 00:08 CET, 8-8-2011

As an appetizer of what’s coming, check out the freshly brewed website. We’ll be also glad to hear your comments and ideas about the campaign on our facebook page

Friends, we have 3 exciting years together ahead of us, so don’t miss the Aug 7 kick-off!
The EC Team


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