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Lama Ole Nydahl in London 21-22 September 2010

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

This September, Lama Ole Nydahl will visit London as part of his only official public teaching programme in the UK in 2010. His teachings will be preceded by a series of lectures by three of his experienced students who work in the fields of academia and science. Lama Ole Nydahl has visited London many times before and his lectures have drawn hundreds of attendees.

Lama Ole Nydahl in London September 2010

Lama Ole Nydahl in London September 2010


Interview with Lama Ole Nydahl in Varsity Magazine, 1994

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

This interview with Lama Ole Nydahl is from the very early days of Diamond Way Buddhism in the UK.  It appeared in Varsitiy, the independent student weekly newspaper of the University of Cambridge. Lama Ole Nydahl taught in Cambridge at the invitation of Stephen James, who was a student in Cambridge University at the time.

Rock n’ Roll Buddha

Matthew Arlidge communicates with Ole Nydahl about Spirituality and Motorbikes. Varsity, 28 October 1994

Lama Ole Nydahl in Varsity Magazine 1994

Cast a critical eye over the picture above and what do you see? A debonair-yet-macho top Hollywood actor? A ruthless mercenary hot-foot from a bazooka battle with the forces of SPECTRE? Or perhaps even a well ‘ardbouncer from Fifth Avenue? Well you’re wrong matey, so no nubile young banana for you. (more…)