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Q&A with Shangpa Rinpoche

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011
Shangpa Rinpoche at Maitrikara Cave, Nepal

Shangpa Rinpoche at Maitrikara Cave, Nepal

This excellent series of questions and answers with Shangpa Rinpoche was posted today on the Shangpa online blog:

Q: Some dharma practitioners face life challenges such as being jobless and experiencing business downfall which affect their daily life as a practitioner. In this situation, which should come first? Dharma or business?

A: Firstly, you should try to understand what is Dharma or at least to understand the Dharma as a mental development and how to place the mind correctly with awareness and wisdom. With this understanding, one’s business or work will not be hindered and instead one will succeed greatly. It is said by the Buddha that the nature of all phenomena arises from the mind and so the mind is the primary and initiator of everything. If our mind is pure or clean from defilements, whether one talks or does anything, one will gain blissfulness. If our mind is pure and clear, then you will be able to perform every piece of work well and that includes your business, daily activities and handling of people.