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16th Karmapa in Tsurphu

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011
16th Karmapa in Tsurphu 1946 (Hugh Richardson)

16th Karmapa in Tsurphu 1946 (Hugh Richardson)

These pictures show the 16th Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje (1924-1981) wearing the black hat, seated on chair in a room in his summer palace at Tsurphu Monastery, probably in 1946. The photographer was Hugh Richardson, head of the last British and first Indian missions to Tibet. The photos are from the collection of the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford University .


Statue of the Eighth Karmapa Mikyo Dorje

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010
8th Karmapa Mikyo Dorje

8th Karmapa

In this blog entry on Karma Kagyu Buddhist iconography, we present a famous Buddha statue of the Eighth Karmapa Mikyo Dorje. The Eighth Karmapa (1507-1554) is of particular significance in Diamond Way Buddhism. An important Karma Kagyu Lineage master, through his spiritual genius and profound understanding of mind, he composed the particularly powerful meditation practice Guru Yoga in Four Sessions (Tib. tun shi lami naljor). Known simply as the 8th Karmapa Meditation, it is commonly practised by Diamond Way Buddhists who have completed the Four Foundational Practices (Tib. Ngondro) of Tibetan Buddhism.

The picture and text below are taken from the book “Karmapa, the Black Hat Lama of Tibet” by Nik Douglas and (more…)