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Marpa and Naropa on the development of the Kagyu Lineage

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Statues of Naropa and Marpa carved from rhinocerous horn by the 10th Karmapa

Marpa: “Please be so kind as to prophecy for me the way our dharma lineage will expand and flourish. Since ultimately there is no difference between the sutras and tantras in their view and realisation, one can hold the teachings – what has been told and what has been realised – of both. Is it necessary that in external appearance one adopt the robes of a sravaka and practice the pratimoksha? It isn’t, is it?…”

Naropa: “In the future of your dharma lineage, there will be many who assume the external appearance of a sravaka. Inwardly, they will realise the meaning of mahayana, dwell on the bhumis; and be surrounded by bodhisattvas. Some others of varied appearance will make the teachings of the practice lineage flourish and expand.”

From “The Rain of Wisdom” by the Nalanda Translation Committee (Shambhala, 1980)

Pictures are from the book “Karmapa: The Black Hat Lama of Tibet” Nik Douglas & Meryl White. The statues of the early Kagyu lineage holders carved by the 10th Karmapa are among the relics hopefully (see here and here) still housed in Rumtek Monastery.