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Earthquake in Kham (Picture: AP)

As you will know from the news, a massive earthquake has destroyed much of Yushu, the regional centre of a remote part of Qinghai province in China. Yushu is the Chinese name for Jyekundo, the biggest town in Kham, Eastern Tibet. The neighboring areas have also been badly affected, though it isn’t easy to access exact information on these remote places. An enormous proportion of the buildings have been destroyed, the current death toll is around 600, and 3000 people are wounded. The number of casualties is still on the rise and rescuers report that organizing help at high altitude is another difficult factor.

For Tibetans today, Jyekundo is a base for much of their cultural and Buddhist activity. The paths of many important lamas, contributors and sponsors of the revival of Buddhist practice going on in Kham at the moment cross at this place. Logistically speaking, Jyekundo is vital for the revitalization of Buddhism that the Khampas are trying to achieve in spite of the Han colonization, government control and submission to Beijing’s rule over “minorities of greater China”.

Below is some information from Machik, a reliable NGO who would pass on any donations to the people in need directly.

Earthquake Devastates Jyekundo (Yushu)

You have likely heard about the devastating earthquake in the Tibetan area of Jyekundo.  The quake measured approximately 07.49 (23.49 GMT).

Due to limited capacity on the ground, it is difficult to assess the devastation at the moment. Early reports indicate that hundreds have perished, while a local observer estimates that the number is likely above 3000.  An estimated 80% of the buildings have collapsed.  The water dam has been damaged and there are fears of the city being flooded.

We at Machik are deeply saddened by the tragic human loss and send our prayers for those who struggle for survival now.

Jyekundo is a Tibetan county approximately 800km southwest of the city of Xining.  It is on the border of the Kham and Amdo regions. The vast majority of the local people are Tibetan herders without access to emergency relief resources.

The people of Jyekundo urgently need your immediate help for medicines, clothing, food and clean water, and in the longer term for rebuilding their community.

Machik is networked with Tibetans who have years of experience serving local community needs in the Jyekundo and surrounding areas.

Machik is creating a safe mechanism for delivering funds directly to those who are best able to reach those most in need.

We assure you that all funds donated through “Machik Earthquake Relief” will go directly to assisting the people of Jyekundo and the devastated communities.

Please donate online today:

(Please make certain to make a note in the donation form that indicates “Machik Earthquake Relief”)

Also, please forward this information on to your friends and family.

Thank you for your response at this urgent time.

Losang and Tashi Rabgey
Co-founders, Machik

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