Dewachen Wishes

Amitabha - The Buddha of Limitless Light

Amitabha - The Buddha of Limitless Light

Dewachen Wishes – wishes to be reborn in Dewachen – the pure land of Amitabha, the Buddha of Limitless Light

Emaho / ngo tsar sang gye nang wa ta ye dang /
How wonderful! Buddha of Limitless Light,

ye su jo wo tug je chen po dang /
to your right is the Master of Great Compassion,

yön do sem pa to chen tob nam la /
and to your left is the Powerful Diamond in Hand

sang gye jang sem pag me khor gyi kor /
Your Pure Land of Great Joy is filled with limitless

de kyi ngo tsar pag to me pa yi /
and marvellous happiness and you are surrounded

de wa chen she ja way shing kham der /
by countless Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

dag shen di ne tse pö gyur ma tag /
May I and all beings, immediately after having left this life,

kye wa shen kyi bar ma chö par ru /
be born in the Pure Land of Great Joy

de ru kye ne nang te shel tong sho /
without being hindered by other existences.

de ke dag gi mön lam tab pa di /
May I meet face to face with the Buddha of Limitless Light.

chog chü sang gye jang sem tam che kyi /
Al Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the ten directions, I call upon you, please

geg me drub par jin gyi lab to söl /
give me your inspiration so that my wishing prayer

teyata / pentsa driya awa bodha ni soha
may be accomplished without any hindrances.

Recite this three times

jang chub sem ni rin po che /
May the precious enlightened attitude be developed

ma kye pa nam kye gyur chig /
where is has not yet appeared!

kye pa nyam pa me pa yang /
May it never diminish but steadily expand

gong ne gong do pel war sho
where it already developed!

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