Karma Gardri Sculpture Style

4th Shamarpa, Chodrag Yeshe Palzang

4th Shamarpa, Chodrag Yeshe Palzang

The Himalayan Art Resource website recently added a page for Karma Gardri sculpture style. One can find beautiful examples of sculptures of previous incarnations of the Karmapa and Shamarpa. Some examples can be seen below (click to enlarge).

Shamarpa 5, Konchog YenlagKarmapa 8, Mikyo DorjeKarmapa 7, Chodrag GyamtsoShamarpa 5, Konchog Yenlag (back)Karmapa 8, Mikyo Dorje (back)Karmapa 7, Chodrag Gyamtso (back)


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