Thousand-Armed Loving Eyes and Nyungne

One Thousand Armed form of Loving Eyes

We’re very excited about this picture! It is the Thousand-Armed Loving Eyes (Skt. Avalokiteshvara; Tib. Chenrezig), the embodiment of the compassion of all Buddhas. If you click on the image it will magnify so you see it in greater detail. However, not only are we excited about the picture, we just heard that this year the UK will hold a retreat on the Nyungne fasting practice, which centres on the meditation and mantra recitation of the Thousand-Armed Loving Eyes.

Renate Scholz

Renate Schölz

Nyungne is a profound two-and-a-half-day practice, a length of time especially helpful for people whose schedules cannot accommodate longer retreats. It belongs to the Kriya tantra class and involves keeping strict outer promises; the second day is devoted to complete silence and fasting. Translated as “abiding in the fast,” Nyungne is said to be effective in the healing of illness, the development of compassion, and the purification of negative karma.

We have invited Renate Schölz, our beloved travelling teacher and Ngyungne expert from the Schwarzenberg Centre in Germany, to guide the retreat. It will take place in the heart of England this Autumn, and will be open to those who have taken Buddhist refuge and are already practicing Diamond Way Buddhism in our centres.

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