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Today is the 7th anniversary of the death of Lopön Tsechu Rinpoche

Thursday, June 10th, 2010
Lopon Tsechu Rinpoche

Lopon Tsechu Rinpoche

Lopön Tsechu Rinpoche was born in Bhutan in 1918 and was one of the greatest masters of Tibetan Buddhism. As a boy he was ordained as a monk in Bhutan’s largest monastery in Phunaka Dzong. He trained with important teachers from all of the main Tibetan Buddhist schools, especially the Drukpa Kagyu and Karma Kagyu lineages. After meeting H.H. the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa in Bhutan in 1944, Lopön Tsechu Rinpoche became his close student and received from him the transmission of the Karma Kagyu Lineage. Their relationship was such that the 16th Karmapa once said “If I am Buddha, Lopön Tsechu is my Ananda”