Meditation research blog showcases scientific research into Buddhist meditation

For those of you interested in the latest scientific research into meditation, we recommend the website, particularly the new research blog section. The website and blog presents current scientific research into meditation and mindfulness practice and the research activities of the Meditation and Mindfulness Research Group at Liverpool John Moores University. We like it so much, we’ve added a live-feed from the blog on the right-hand column of the DWBUK blog.

Dr Peter Malinowski is the founder of the Meditation and Mindfulness Research Group at Liverpool John Moores University, as well as being a highly regarded teacher of Diamond Way Buddhism and co-founder of the Diamond Way Liverpool Buddhist Centre. In the above video, he discusses the practice of mindfulness, it’s benefits and applications. He also explains some of the research projects of the group, exploring the effects of mindfulness practice on cognitive ageing and healthy eating.

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