Historic England at the London Diamond Way Buddhist Centre

Group photo of attendees of the event run by Historic England at the Beaufoy Institute

Over the past 2,500 years, the Buddha’s teachings have taken root in various countries and civilisations while adapting their outer form. The Diamond Way Buddhist Centre on 39 Black Prince Road surely embodies this characteristic, bringing to life and re-enriching the iconic Beaufoy Institute in Lambeth. The institute has opened to the public once more, in continuity of the spirit of wisdom and human growth which animated its original foundations.

Historic England is a governmental organisation tasked with protecting, preserving and listing historic buildings and advising central and local government. Recently, the Beaufoy Institute was honoured by the visit of members of Historic England who wanted to learn more about the project and how participants were managing the monumental task of renovating such a large listed building supported almost entirely by voluntary work. Keen members of Jewish, Christian and Buddhist faith groups also joined the merry occasion.

There was a presentation on the public funding of the renovation project, and our guests enjoyed a guided tour of the Beaufoy as well as the Lambeth/Kennington neighbourhood. It was a great occasion to explain the wider function of the Beaufoy, which is to make the teachings of Buddhism, particularly the Karma Kagyu tradition, available to all who are interested. The visitors were most inspired by the renovated meditation hall. This space most explicitly fosters an understanding of the motivation behind the enormous amount of effort and time so many volunteers have invested in the project.

Click below to enjoy the pictures from the event.

Photo of the Historic England groupMartin Newman of Historic EnglandPastor Okenwa of Deeper Life Bible ChurchShih Chueh Yun of the London Fo Guang ShanPhilip Janes of the United SynagogueTour with Doug BlackTour with Doug BlackTour of the BeaufoyTour of the BeaufoyTour of the BeaufoyTour of the Beaufoy


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