Spotlight on the Budapest Diamond Way Buddhist Centre

Arial view of the Budapest Diamond Way Buddhist Centre

Arial view of the Budapest Diamond Way Buddhist Centre

The Budapest Diamond Way Buddhist centre is the biggest urban centre of the over 600 Diamond Way Buddhist centres founded by Lama Ole Nydahl around the world. Because of its size and location, it also fulfills the role of an international centre for the central European, eastern European, and Balkan region. Here we highlight a little of the Centre’s history, accomplishments and current activities.

When the Diamond Way Buddhist group in Budapest acquired a 130-year-old building, the former offices of an old beer company, they were aware how much work it would take to restore.

“The place was already quite huge when we bought it in 2001. We needed one and a half hours to see every bit of it. It was difficult to imagine how we were going to buy such a big building and how it was going to be filled with interested and meditating people every evening.

Ten years later, it has all become reality.

Through some major construction work over the past few years, we managed to renovate the ruined building and the facade, which is a listed feature.”

Today, the Budapest centre is a shining gem of a building and a lively centre for their activities. Through their hard work and restoration of a landmark building, the group have built strong ties with the local community.

“They like us because of our idealism, voluntarity, surplus and fresh style. Specially our older neighbors appreciate that we have saved and protected a historical building.”

The centre hosts visitors from 6pm to 9pm every day, starting with a half hour long guided meditation and finishing with the opportunity to answer questions over a cup of tea.

Many types of people visit the centre: different professionals, young and lively people, who are usually between the ages of 18 and 60. The group also participates in cultural activities. Recently they hosted 1,200 visitors for a statue exhibition and series of lectures, movies and concerts as part of the Night of Museums programme in Budapest.

Click on the thumbnails below to see how Budapest’s Diamond Way Buddhist community transformed the building from a ruin into its current splendid condition.

Exterior of the building in disrepairbefore renovationafter renovationbefore renovationAfter renovationafter renovationbefore renovationafter renovationAfter renovation

Budapest Diamond Way Buddhist Community

Budapest Diamond Way Buddhist Community


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