Diamond Way Buddhism Audio Podcast – by Lama Ole Nydahl

Diamond Way Buddhism Audio Podcast

Diamond Way Buddhism Audio Podcast

If you’re an iTunes/iPod/iPhone user, why not download this series of free podcasts featuring Buddhist teachings by Lama ole Nydahl?  The Diamond Way Buddhism Audio Podcast channel can be accessed here

The topics are summarised below:

The Three Levels of Buddha’s Teachings
Overview of the Buddha’s teachings: Cause and Effect, Trust in Emptiness, Energy and Identification.

The Nature of Mind
Description of mind’s qualities, its significance, and its potential to change our lives to become joyful, fearless and kind.

Description of the 2 main stages of all buddhist meditations, as well as the qualities and results of Diamond Way meditations.

Differentiating Mind from Brain
Recent scientific discoveries show the brain transforms but does not produce mind. This breakthrough is significant and in alignment with what the Buddha taught.

Karma – Cause and Effect
Lama Ole Nydahl demystifies a commonly misunderstood concept with a concise overview of Karma as defined by the Buddha, as well as practical Buddhist methods.

What does a Buddha teach?
Introduction to the Buddha’s highest teachings: Vajrayana (Sanskrit), Diamond Way (English)

What is a Buddha?
Qualities of a Buddha. Manifestation of Buddhas. Cosmology and cycles of the teachings of Buddhas.

Introduction to Buddhism
Lama Ole Nydahl distinguishes Buddhism from other religions and briefly describes the Buddhist view and goal.



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    Wow, isn’t Lama Ole a true Bodhisattva!? Amazing activity, teachings ready to be picked up from space.
    Great stuff!

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