Lama Ole Nydahl’s New Year’s letter 2011

Lama Ole Nydahl

December 31st , 2010

Dearest students and friends worldwide,

Looking back over 2010, it became our year of definition. Checking where we are and realizing the power of our close communication, stabilized and secured the work in our old and new centers and groups worldwide.

Highly useful was the understanding that although all Buddhas have the same essence, it pays to work deeply with one form instead of scratching mind’s surface meditating on many. The relentless pressure of habit then forces the ego to give up control, which leaves increasing space for intuition and spontaneous joy. The Guru Yogas on our Karmapas, where one focuses on a human form, enables us best to continue the pure view of our meditations into the mixed situations of modern life.

Also the benefit of sharing our experiences became more evident than ever. Travelling in and between our countries, crossing borders or great oceans, proved a lasting source of inspiration, as well as our meeting in the Europe Center. New streams of highly interesting people found answers to their questions in the international environment, deeply thankful that Buddha’s teachings and the discoveries of today’s quantum
physics agree.

Cementing it all and bringing it into our lives were the friendships arising from our shared center activities. Keeping everything fresh, our famous parties were a great support for bringing together old and new students.

One teaching, whose time has come, is to not try to evaluate one’s own progress – even for those with many years of practice. We have filled our minds with tendencies since beginningless time, and no meditative kilogram or meter exists for measuring mind. On top of this, blessings neutralize the experienced downs in one’s life so even a broad and fast development may not be noticed by oneself. This is because the lack of contrast to one’s former situation will be missing or severely limited. Therefore, the surest sign of development is that expected disturbed reactions hardly appear, or only with limited power.

Another piece of advice is to not fight thoughts during meditation, but simply not care unless something important comes up. Writing a few words on a piece of paper to not forget them, and then continuing one’s practice, uses the situation in the best possible way.

Also, two confusing mistakes are frequently made which we should leave with the old year. Firstly, many think that doing some Buddhist disciplines like healing, examining the stars to look into the future, or making or filling statues are themselves enlightening and like meditating on the Buddha forms. With our Bodhisattva-motivation, they of course build up massive good karma, but without meditation they are not directly enlightening. Secondly, let even cherished experiences just dissolve back into space as all-pervading blessings. Do not expect or hold on to them. It is like carrying along the milestones on one’s way! After a while one has arms like a gorilla and cannot move on. Everything good should be given to all beings and back to space.

Finally, either when guiding or doing meditation on your own, every word is precious and each sentence has meaning. Therefore don’t just read them like you would browse the pages of the internet, but let the images and meanings stay long enough to work on you. Many have now proven they can read fluently. The coming year and on is the time for meditation!

May our great Karmapa Thaye Dorje have every success and our fine Karma Kagyu organizations obtain their noble goals. May the plans for developing our Europe Center be fulfilled. This is a great task we shall manage together, crisis or not.

Thank you deeply – we just got started!

Caty and Lama Ole

P.S. The moment you formulate your wishes, my energy field is already activated.

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