Karma Kagyu Meditation Forms

The pictures below show some of the most common forms used in the meditation practices of the Karma Kagyu tradition of Buddhism. They are from the website www.thanka.buddhizmusma.hu.

Click on any of the thumbnails to enlarge the image.

16th Karmapa Thangka2nd Karmapa ThangkaRadiant Goddess ThangkaBlack Coat ThangkaKarma Kagyu Refuge Tree ThangkaDiamond Mind ThangkaLoving Eyes ThangkaRed Wisdom ThangkaHighest Bliss Thangka

Top row, left to right: 16th Karmapa, 2nd Karmapa, Black Coat in union with Radiant Goddess. Middle row left to right: Black Coat, the Karma Kagyu Refuge Tree, Diamond Mind. Bottom row left to right: Loving Eyes, Red Wisdom, Buddha of Highest Bliss in union with Red Wisdom.

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