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How real is reality? Video by Lama Ole Nydahl

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Reality as we see it, is always influenced by what we think about reality. Everything we perceive is coloured by our culture, upbringing, experience, education and a lot more. However, what is behind our experiences and who or what is perceiving things? In this video, Lama Ole Nydahl explains ultimate reality: the truth beyond all personal matters, and how this truth can be realized through Buddhist methods.

New Diamond Way group in St Albans

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

St Albans Diamond Way Buddhist Group

A new Diamond Way Buddhist Group has been established in St. Albans. Several friends who live north of the M25 started to visit each other and meditate together. Lama Ole gave encouragement to the founder of the group on the Trans-Siberian Express in 2008, “Just meditate together and it will all come naturally”.  After several months of regular meditations, it was decided to open to the public as an official group. Now there are several people popping in on Friday evenings for the 16th Karmapa meditation.

St Albans has a rich history as one of the three biggest trade sites in Roman Britain. Since it is one of the cradles of Christian martyrdom (Saint Alban was the first – at least official – martyr in the history of Christianity in England), it has its’ own cathedral. This makes it a city, even though only just over  60,000 people live there. Hundreds of years of being a pilgrimage site, its’ proximity to London on one hand, and the beautiful Hertfordshire landscape on the other, create a very nice and relaxed atmosphere. People are friendly and smiling and one does not feel the need to rush anywhere.  Check it out for yourself and pop in for meditation some time.

When the group thanked Lama Ole Nydahl for his blessing for the new group during his visit to the UK in September he said, “Where there is a lake, the swans will come…”

Click here for details about the group.